Locked Down Bulk Supplement Prices

Diversify, increase profit margins, minimise risk and take control of what you want, at the quantity that suits you!

For all of our stocked, on-the-shelf products, we've made it easy for you by only offering you just 1 price - our lowest price.

On any quantity from 10,000 up to 500,000, there is now only 1 price point - the 500,000 price per thousand. So you can now buy 10,000 tablets/capsules as if you were buying 500,000.

Representative example: Turmeric + Black Pepper extract Capsules – 500mg, 20mg respectively. Clear size 0 HPMC capsule.

Before - 10,000: £22.50 per 1,000, 500,000: £10.31 per 1,000

Now - 10,000-500,000: £10.31 per 1,000

That's right, you only pay £10.31 per 1,000 even at 10,000 – more than halving your costs!

Best of all, we'll dispatch your order within 1-2 working days - giving you a practical lead-time, increased margins, as well as minimal risk when diversifying your product lines.

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